Enhance your wealth corner with the right element

Enhancing your wealth corner with the right element will greatly improve your finances. Most Feng Shui textbooks refer to the SE corner as the auspicious wealth area of your home. If you believe in Bagua Feng Shui, then the South East part of your home is your wealth corner. However, in my opinion, this method cannot always accurately determine where your wealth corner is. 99% of the time, Flying Star Feng Shui provides a more reliable way of finding the precise location of this powerful spot. The hardest part of the process is to accurately locate this wealth corner. However, once you’ve been able to accurately pinpoint this location, the results can be ridiculously quick and amazing.

As a rule, if your wealth spot happens to be in a bathroom or toilet, avoid decorating using the colors of this area. For instance, if your wealth corner is in a SE washroom, do not decorate with greens, browns, flowers, and plants. Instead, decorate with the metal element. This will prevent the good fortune from being “flushed away”.

If you are unsure as to where this wealth corner is, consider hiring the services of a professional practitioner. Once you’ve determined where this lucky spot is, decorate with the right element and use your most valuable belongings. Some examples are: wealth vases, valuable art, fountains (only if your wealth corner should be enhanced with water), gold ingots, expensive furniture, and precious paintings.

Pick an auspicious day by looking up a Chinese almanac. If you’ve done all the right changes, you should expect positive changes within 2-3 changes. This could even result in sudden windfalls of cash.


Written by Deb

Hello! Feng Shui is not just a hobby or an entertaining pastime. Feng Shui is what I eat, breathe, and live on a daily basis. I am obsessed with finding DIY ways to incorporate Feng Shui in my life. I firmly believe in the concept of balance to create a more positive physical, spiritual, and emotional environment. I created this blog in order to share my personal journey with others. Thanks for reading and for being part of the adventure!

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